Amerisourcebergen Corporate Integrity Agreement

„ABC has placed corporate profits above the needs of patients, endangering the health of cancer patients at risk,” said U.S. Attorney General Donoghue. „This comparison and the significant fine that ABC has declared willing to pay reflect this office`s strong commitment to protect those in need of medical care and to hold accountable those who endanger the health and safety of patients.” Donoghue also thanked the Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Association of Medica Fraud Control Units for their support. Mr Mullen could have remained silent and continued to accept compensation packages and the benefits of business life. Instead, he decided to do the right thing. He talked to his superiors about the problems he saw. His employer abruptly resigned from Mr. Mullen shortly after the whistle. In recognizing the critical role that Mr. Mullens provided to information and cooperation, as well as two subsequent submissions from relators, the Federal State and the Federal States awarded a share of Relator of nearly $100 million, one of the largest relator share awards under the CFA.

The Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania-based company also entered into a five-year enterprise integrity agreement to ensure compliance with federal health rules. It set aside money for the entire civil transaction in its fiscal year ended September 30, 2017. „ABC has put the company`s profits above the needs of patients, endangering the health of cancer patients at risk,” U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said in Brooklyn, New York, in a statement. With the exception of the incinerated invoices attached to the transaction agreement, the comparison does not constitute an admission of fault on the part of ABC. Put monitoring and surveillance controls in place. The Compliance Department should oversee donations to independent charitable PAPs each year by adopting both a risk-based approach to targeting and a random approach to sampling. The documentation to be reviewed includes budget documents; Documents relating to the donation decision-making process; and all written agreements, as well as any communication and interaction between the company and the independent charity PAP.