Apscuf Collective Bargaining Agreement

APSCUF / PASSHE Collective Agreement Article 41.B Tuition waiver at the fourteen state universities is available to eligible workers and their relatives. Promotion guidelines differ depending on the collective agreement or the non-representation status of the worker. Please read the tuition drop directive in order to obtain comprehensive rules of eligibility for participation. . Under section 42 of the faculty collective agreement, the following procedures apply to teaching on Clarion Online. If the employee does not decide within 30 days of hiring, he or she is automatically enrolled in the SERS (A5 Hybrid) pension plan. . . . The SEAP program is free and confidential and provides personalized support and advice on a wide range of issues, issues and concerns that are addressed on a daily basis.

The program can benefit employees or their immediate families and provide services such as legal advice, drug and alcohol advice, financial planning assistance, stress management, depression and more… There are two types of flexible expense accounts: Healthcare FSA and Dependent Care FSA. These employees work as physicians in the university`s health centres. Retirement plans are offered to ensure that an employee starts saving and investing money for retirement. When an employee is hired for the first time, it is necessary for the employee to choose a pension plan. Once a decision has been made, the employee can no longer change his or her plan. . ESU offers an excellent package of benefits to the APSCUF faculty, including health care, paid life insurance, old age pension and leave. .

Just bring your collaborator ID and you can enjoy a variety of meals in areas like Dansbury Commons, Center Court or even Starbucks. Each year, workers must check their spouse/national partner, who remains insured in their insurance plan. When the national spouse/partner has obtained employment and can purchase his or her own insurance, the national spouse/partner is removed from the worker`s insurance coverage. To apply for the FMLA, the two necessary forms must be forwarded to the human resources department: to carry out the programme, staff and their national spouse/partner must earn a total of 70 points by: . Learn more about the rights and responsibilities of a staff member under the FMLA. Staff will be offered additional opportunities to save money and invest through voluntary retirement plans. Health services are offered to APSCUF faculty members who provide information on a 0.50 percent presence in TDR or one semester. The following benefits are available to APSCUF faculty members and their families: a large-scale event allows employees to make a change in health insurance without having to wait for open registration. The major events of life are marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death.

More information about the State System APSCUF Faculty group of collaborators. To retire, the worker must have one of the following criteria: . . Enjoy discounts offered by Stroudsburg University staff, restaurants, bars, attractions and more. Look at the list of creditors who offer discounts to employees. Detailed information, including lists of eligible and ineligible expenses, can be found in the Flexible Expenditure Account Manual. Distance learning is an educational process in which teaching with the teacher and student takes place in different places.