Asset Exchange Agreement

The title and explanatory text are used only for reference purposes and do not define, limit, construct or in any way describe the scope or extent of this section. This agreement, including Polo`s policies for the above-mentioned services, the privacy policy, the cookie policy and the e-sign agreement constitute the full agreement between you and Polo regarding the use of the Services. Digital assets available for purchase through the Services may be exposed to a high or low volume of transactions, liquidity and volatility at any time for potentially longer periods of time. You acknowledge that, while we use cost-effective methods to provide you with exchange rate information on our services, the exchange information we provide may differ from the exchange rates provided by third parties. Similarly, the actual market price at the time of your trading may differ from the prevailing rate indicated, depending on the trading speed of the digital asset involved in your trading. You agree to take care of all potential risks and losses related to price fluctuations or actual and indicated price differences. Under certain market conditions, it may be difficult or impossible to liquidate a position. This can happen. B, for example, if liquidity in the market is not sufficient or due to technical problems on our platform. The placement of conditional orders, such as stop-loss orders. B or „Stop-Limit” will not necessarily limit your losses to the expected amounts, as market conditions may make it impossible to execute these orders.

Using leverage can act both against you and for you and result in large losses and profits. All users understand that the technology underlying digital assets can change at any time, and such changes can affect your assets stored on our platform. You claim full responsibility for monitoring these technological changes and understanding their impact on your digital assets. Users make all commercial tenders, margins, credit and/or credit on their own account, and Polo disclaims any liability for loss or damage resulting from your use of services or your inability to take the risks associated with the use of digital assets or your use of our Services. Leveraged and future products can generate portfolio sales and high leverage to manage exposure to the underlying digital assets. High transaction rates increase transaction costs. Each of these factors could have significant negative effects on the performance of a futures or futures product. The value of digital assets can be deduced from the persistent willingness of market participants to exchange digital assets for digital assets, which can lead to a sustainable and total depreciation of a given digital asset if the digital wealth market is down.

Note that this agreement uses the term „digital assets” to refer to Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital assets, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies or tokens available for purchase and exchange via Poloniex. Legislative and regulatory changes or actions taken at the national, federal, national or international level can have negative effects on the use, transfer, exchange and value of digital assets. Polo may, at its discretion, limit the number of API calls you can make, for example, to maintain market stability and integrity. You recognize and accept that if you exceed these limits, Polo can moderate your activity or allow you to access the API (or another API offered by the Polo Group) at your leisure. Polo may immediately suspend or suspend your access to the API without notice if it believes that you are violating the terms and conditions of this Agreement (including Section 23) or any other agreement that may exist between you and Polo in connection with the use of the API.