Business Centre Service Agreement

3. Compliance with the legal provisions: the customer must comply with all relevant laws and regulations during the activity. The customer must not do anything illegal in connection with the use of the business centre. The customer cannot do anything that could interfere with the use of the Centre by the supplier or others, cause nuisance or nuisance, increase the insurance premiums that the supplier must pay or cause damage or damage to the supplier (including reputational damage) or to the owner of an interest in the building used by the centre used by the customer. The customer acknowledges that (a) the provisions of the above sentence constitute an essential incentive for the supplier to execute the agreement and (b) any breach of the previous sentence by the customer constitutes a substantial delay by the customer under that contract and allows the supplier to terminate that contract without further announcement or procedure. 3. Office services. We offer the services described in the Office accommodation offer and, on demand, the business services offering, the provision of language and data services and telecommunications services during normal opening hours Monday to Friday. We are pleased to discuss how these services will be used outside of our normal business hours (the changes only apply if confirmed in writing). All optional services described as business and payment services are subject to the availability of our staff/centre equipment at the time of any service request. We will endeavour to process a service request as quickly as possible, but we will not be held responsible for delays. If we believe that a request is excessive for a particular service, we reserve the right to charge a surcharge at our usual published rates, depending on the time it takes to complete the service.

Some services may be provided by other companies via Matford Business Centre Ltd. If applicable, you agree that additional terms and conditions will complement MBC`s terms if our standard conditions for the provision of specialized services are not sufficient. MBC will be the only judge to determine whether this contract is subject to additional conditions in such circumstances. i. to occupy and use part of the business centre in the aforementioned premises for itself, its good faith employees and visitors, in order to continue the client`s activity in question and to operate the activities of the above-mentioned business centre and to make it more convenient for customers to operate. 38. Retainer on duty. When you enter into your contract, you will have to pay a service reserve equal to 2 months of the standard service rate. This will be considered by us as a guarantee for the performance of all your obligations arising from your agreement. The balance or balance after deducting the expenses and other expenses incurred by us will be refunded once you have paid your debts with us and you have evacuated your accommodation. We may ask you to pay for increased conservation if: This agreement („Agreement”) is made and on this day by and between the American Psychological Association, Division Services Office, 750 First Street, N.E., Washington, D.C., 20002-4242, here called APA and 9. We ensure that services are provided professionally and professionally and that they are consistent with the description of the services outlined in the service offering.