Department Of Immigration And Border Protection Enterprise Agreement

If the rates of pay differed between the public affairs agreements and the legal officers, it was more likely that the Commission had accepted the lower rates of pay presented by the division, but also identified many cases where the union and the department had the same starting point. Both the union and the department will find victories and losses in the decision, with the entire bank deciding in some cases to side with the department and, in other cases, with the union. The staff allocation was a major area of the dispute, with the Bank-general decision criticising both the unions and the department and saying that the negotiations were a good opportunity for the department and the „key players” to rationalise the number of allocations that benefit both the department and staff. The Fair Trade Committee on Friday afternoon submitted a draft company agreement for Interior Ministry employees, after five years of tense industrial negotiations, including strikes. „While the approaches taken by the department and the CSRB in the negotiations have sometimes exceeded the limits, the evidence before us does not support the finding that the negotiators` behaviour during the negotiations was inappropriate or that one of the negotiators did not respond in good faith to the requirements of the negotiations. As a result, these factors have no influence on the decision we make,” the decision reads. That`s us. very attentive to what employees who were covered by the first. The agreements have not had a salary increase (excluding salary increases) since July 2013. nearly five years ago,” he said.