Employer-Employee Housing Agreement California

A first decision to make in the staff apartment is whether you want your employees to occupy your apartment as a tenant or under license. A licence means that the employee is there with the owner`s permission and that the dwelling is directly related to their employment. It is easier to distribute an employee when the employee lives in the licensed apartment. However, there is a much greater risk that housing will be treated as part of an employee`s salary, which could increase overtime pay. If the employee is treated like a tenant, it is easier to separate the apartment from an employee`s salary. The disadvantage of the lease is that it is not so easy to scare the resident away after the termination of the employment relationship. State law sets the minimum legal amount of notice that must be given before a tenant is evacuated. The minimum is usually 30 or 60 days, depending on the nature of the lease. Your residency contract should set out housing rules. For example, you can insert a provision that expressly prohibits pets from smoking indoors and possessing alcohol by minors. You can also set rest periods from a given time in the evening to a certain time in the morning. If you wish to reserve the right to visit the premises, add a provision that says so. A staff housing contract may stipulate that your employee must have all utility companies in their name; This will relieve you of any liability if the incidental costs are not paid.

Conversely, your agreement may stipulate that you pay for utilities. This approach is useful if the staff apartment is not in a totally different structure from that of your main residence. If you keep the incidental expenses on your behalf, you can add a reasonable fee to your employee`s monthly rent – if you are asking for rent. It is up to you to decide to calculate the monthly rent. Some employers do and some do not. If you decide to calculate the rent, you can insert a clause stating that you intend to collect the rent through salary deductions. Employee housing agreements are generally executed by employers who offer summer or agricultural employment. It is typical for employees on dairy farms and farms to get housing contracts.

These types of jobs often require employees to move away from their original residence because the work is seasonal or it is simply more comfortable for employees to live on site due to operating hours. . . .