Fulfillment Services Agreement Sample

If you have other legal requirements, check out our full list of customizable service agreements for each sector. Other names for this document: Fulfillment Services Contract, Product Fulfillment Services Agreement Unless otherwise stated in this agreement, this agreement contains all the parties` understanding of its purpose and replaces all previous or simultaneous agreements, agreements and negotiations. Any amendment or amendment to this agreement is not considered valid unless the parties have signed and signed this agreement in writing. During the lifetime, Fulfillment Service provides certain services to the vendor, including, but not limited, reception, storage, storage, pick-up, delivery, related after-sales and management services, and other services described in Appendix A of this agreement (together „services”). Fulfillment Service provides all personnel, equipment, equipment, accessories and other accessories necessary for the safe and efficient provision of services. The services are provided by the fulfillment service in a good and well way as by work. Prices and royalties for services are set in accordance with Schedule B of this agreement. The supplier and the fulfillment service check these rates each year. For all services not listed in this agreement or Schedule A, the seller must pay the fulfillment service the consideration that can be agreed in advance.

The fees are paid by the Seller within thirty (15) days of receiving the declaration of the fulfillment service or the invoice of these services with conditions of 15 net days. The seller assures and guarantees that neither the performance and delivery of this agreement, nor any other document, agreement, certificate and other instrument to which it is associated or bound by it, nor the performance of the transactions provided for in the framework or withdrawal, nor the compliance or execution of the conditions provided for in this document or in this document will result in the formation or imposition of material obligations. , any costs or charges of any kind on the seller`s property or property, unless this agreement authorizes or anticipates or is prevented by conflicts with or by limited conflicts under the conditions, conditions or provisions of its certification or its statutes or other organic documents. (2) any physical intrusion, proof of debt, loan or financing agreement, other non-partisan agreement or instrument, or (3) any provision of an existing right, regulation, order, order, order, order, order or order or order of a court or government authority submitted to the seller. Putting a product on the market means working with the right people. A fulfillment service contract is a contract between a product distribution company and a product manufacturer.