Merrill Lynch Client Relationship Agreement Form

The Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a direct report to the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Market Executive (MLWM ME) with dual reporting to the Head of The Customer Relationship Division (DCRM). The CRM is a member of the market-leading team. The CRM manages the employees of customer associates and service with the branch`s operating department. Responsibilities for the business include funds/Securities Receipt – Processing, Wire – Order and Trade Corrections and Document Control, where all client financial transactions are audited and approved. In addition, the role of CRM will be responsible for providing and managing the customer service experience for the market. The ideal candidate is a self-motivated, customer-oriented person who: have details about commissions, transaction fees and other potential fees, see OptionTrades worth $0 are subject to a standard fee of $0.65 per contract. Other restrictions may apply. Preferred bonuses for wealth management clients (formerly known as banking rewards for Wealth Management), with the exception of Bank of America Private Bank clients, do not receive merrill Edge® self-controlled commissions. To learn more about the favorite rewards, click here. Use this form to complete your request to pay funds from your 529 account. With this form, you can complete your application to grant online viewing access to a third party in your account.

For more information, see Bank of America U.S.`s privacy policy on page 5. To simplify the documentation of your budget relationship with Merrill Lynch and to help you understand the nature of the agreements that underlie many of our accounts and services, we have prepared a customer relationship agreement (agreement). This agreement, along with the underlying agreements for our various products and services, sets out the nature of our reciprocal obligations for the services you will use and those you wish to use in the future. If you complete the corresponding parts of this agreement, you will be included in a new account or service covered by this agreement. By working with your Merrill Lynch financial advisor to achieve your unique goals, you can choose from a wide network of accounts, retirement plans, price alternatives, cash access services, payment services and credit facilities that meet a number of financial needs and goals. As part of this comprehensive service relationship, your financial advisor can proactively contact you to provide financial resources, knowledge, product offerings and services that will help you build and implement your financial strategy. This means that your financial advisor will contact you as part of our service and that these communications will overturn any other data protection decisions you have made or will make outside of Merrill Lynch. Once you have reached this agreement, you can add certain accounts and services to your Merrill Lynch relationship by indicating your selection to your financial advisor. If necessary, you will receive additional materials that will document the specifics of your respective services. However, in most cases, you don`t need to sign additional forms or follow repetitive documents. We will update our files with the relevant information for each new service and avoid duplicate papers. Merrill waives commissions on all online shares, FTEs and options for Preferred Rewards members and Bank of America Private Bank customers with an individual or joint personal account CMA® or IRA.

0 Trades will be effective within one week of registering with Preferred Rewards or for new accounts for registered preferred rewards customers within one week of opening the account. Fill out this form to check your address if you are applying online for a new account. Merrill Lynch`s financial advisors help clients lead the life they imagine through a one-to-one relationship with an advisor who feels compelled to meet their needs.