Saho Sgeu Collective Agreement

The following dates for collective bargaining have been confirmed: 25, 30, 31, 1, 13 and 14 June. (d) Where the deviation from the reserved and confirmed schedule cards is the result of changes made by the worker or if there is a mutual agreement with the employee (s) (s), these changes are not subject to overtime provisions, unless the overtime has been paid independently of the amendment. This lump sum is paid within 90 days of the signing of the collective agreement and is issued as a separate cheque. Their coalition of health care providers met with SAHO during the week of March 12-16, 2018 in Saskatoon. Negotiations had already been halted at the end of November 2017, when we were unable to agree on a number of principles that would lead us to a collective agreement. 8.1.4. The absence of leave, as provided for in the participation in the agreement and the amendments to this agreement. All workers employed at the time of signing the collective agreement are entitled to this lump sum payment on the basis of all eligible hours with an employer part of this collective agreement. Workers who have moved between employers covered by the collective agreement apply to their former employers for this portion of the lump sum payment. A worker recalled from vacation receives twice (2x) his regular salary for all hours worked.

Once the work has been completed, to which the employee has been recalled, the employee may resume and complete the remaining scheduled days off or, by mutual agreement, reschedule unused leave to a later date. 11.3 There is no change to the plan or participation agreement that interferes with any advance tax decision in effect prior to the amendment. The CupE-SAHO collective agreement expires on March 31, 2017. (g) indeterminate positions do not exceed one year, unless this is provided for in Article 1.22 or by mutual agreement between the Union and the employer. (a) promote the inclusion in the collective agreement of provisions that promote fairness and fairness for all current and future workers; In the event of a disaster, if an employee voluntarily remains on the site to be available if the employee`s services are required, and the employer agrees, the employee is compensated for any meals that may be necessary for the employee to purchase while he remains on the job site.