Word For Agreement In Radio Talk

Total Radio Audience enjoys all radio, commercial and non-commercial stations, AM and FM. Before, a term applied to an advertiser`s annual plan for buying radio advertising time. As a general rule, they are negotiated before the start of the calendar year. You must have seen in the action movies how army forces communicate by radio and wireless kits (walky-talky). Most of the time they speak English, but some of the words from Radio lingo are secret to ordinary people. Roger is z.B. a word often repeated on the radio. In simple English, it means „understand” or „I have it.” Learn more about two-way radio jargon and its meanings. No matter what area you work in, make sure everyone is familiar with the call signals used in your workplace. Because if everyone uses the same radio communication label, it helps to ensure that every message is heard loud and clear. I reserve The next word will be heard or heard with the phonetic call of the alphabet Audience Estimates the number of people who hear or hear a network radio advertisement, network program or syndicated program. The reliability of audience estimates is not a precise mathematical value and is subject to statistical fluctuations and other constraints.

For the radio stations reported in RADAR, the public estimates represent listening to the radio, as reported in the Arbitron newspapers that correspond to commercial shares, as reported by affiliates in the sworn insurances. For non-radar networks and syndic programs, estimates are based exclusively on hearing, as reported in Arbitron`s journal, and do not take into account commercial sharing. Time Spent Listening (TSL) The estimated time a person spent listening to or listening to a radio for a certain part of the day. The estimate is expressed in hours and minutes per day or week and in relation to the population or listeners. While some of these terminologies have not been used at this time for many two-way radio users, you may find that resuscitation of some of these tried-and-tested phrases helps improve communication for your teams. The following list shows the meaning of words and phrases that are often used during a two-way radio communication. You can also read on the radio communications label. Syndicated Programming National Programs that are contractually required to evacuate stations. These programs have ads associated with them, which are usually removed from programs. The length of these programs can be as short as a one-minute feature up to a 12-hour holiday special. Program content may include music, conference or play-by-play sport.

The target groups of syndal programs may be based on dayparts or expected commercial registration hours, but not on actual sharing. Short-handed radio expressions have been around for decades. As early as 1937, the Association of Public Safety Communications (APCO) developed the „ten codes”. Historically used by law enforcement officers in North America, these shortcut codes have been used to represent frequently used phrases. Radar arbitron syndic measurement service provides audience estimates for deleted network radio ads for networks that subscribe to the service. Radar estimates are published four times a year. Radio Network Calendar Optimization System (SOS) Is part of the RADAR PC2010 software. Develops an optimal network roadmap by maximizing the number of people affected or minimizing the costs required for a certain range. In order to facilitate access, we have compiled a list of some commonly used radio communication phrases, traditionally used in public and complex security environments such as industrial facilities or sports stadiums. If your word anagrams, they are also mentioned with a definition of the word if we have one. Since then, many sectors have developed standardized terms that are used as shortcuts 2 wireless communication channels.