Agreement Del Sur Scp

Fanny Divino, SCP Senior Program Manager for Mindanao, said the MOA refers to conducting a contextualized situation analysis of the rights of the child (CRSA) in certain areas of BARMM, to ensure that all the needs of every child in the region are met effectively and judiciously by mandatory agencies through an evidence-based and participatory approach. EFIRMA PUNTO COM SAPI DE CV no se encuentra afiliada, asociada, ni actúa en representación de la organización listada en este directorio. . The Ministry of Social Services (MSS), the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Ministry of The Interior and Local Government (MILG) and the Ministry of Primary, University and Technical Education (MBHT) are among the local partners of this organization that support and promote the rights of the child, especially in Mindanao. Bangsamoro Région autonome de Mindanao musulmane Save the Children Philippines Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society. .