Agreement Relating To The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization

to enter into agreements with states or international organizations; Within thirty days of the appointment of the two members of the Tribunal, they agree to a third party selected from the body established in accordance with Article 3 of this schedule and which will be presided over by the Tribunal. If an agreement is not met within this period, one of the two designated members may inform the chair of the proceeding which, within ten days, appoints a member of the body other than himself president of the Tribunal. „on a commercial basis” in accordance with the usual and usual business practices in the telecommunications industry; „space segment,” the telecommunications satellites and the location, telemetry, command, control, surveillance and related equipment satellites needed to support the operation of these satellites; All disputes arising from agreements between itsO and a contracting party are subject to the dispute resolution provisions contained in these agreements. In the absence of such provisions, such disputes, unless otherwise resolved, may be subject to arbitration proceedings pursuant to Schedule A of this agreement, if the dispute resolution entities consent. „global coverage,” the Maximum geographic coverage of the Earth to the northernmost and southernmost parallels visible to satellites deployed at geostationary orbital sites; national public telecommunications services between areas separated by territories that are not subject to the jurisdiction of the State concerned or between areas separated by the high seas; In addition, for the application of Article III, the application of Article III applies on the same basis as international public telecommunications services: considering that the company respects the basic principles set out in Article III of this agreement and that it makes available, on a commercial basis, the quality and reliability space segment required for international public telecommunications services. , all contracting parties take the necessary measures. , in a transparent, non-discriminatory and competitively neutral manner, within the framework of the applicable internal procedure and the international agreements to which they are parties in order to enable the company to comply with the basic principles. „company”: the private entity or entities established in accordance with the legislation of one or more states, in which the space system is transferred to the international satellite telecommunications organization, including its rights holders with interests; The International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (ITSO) is an intergovernmental organization responsible for overseeing Intelsat`s public service obligations.