Aipn Model Confidentiality Agreement

A list of current model contracts is shown on the right. Here is a list of the archived contracts available. Because of the diversity of sectoral practices, standards, laws and practices, AIPN`s editorial boards consist of a broad group of practitioners and negotiators working together to develop a balanced and comprehensive model contract, using options and alternatives where appropriate to reflect differences in international sectoral practices. One of AIPN`s main objectives is the creation of model contracts that are widely accepted and widely used in the international energy industry. These treaties are instruments for the negotiator, which serve as a starting point for negotiations and significantly reduce the time it takes to reach an agreement. AIPN standard contracts support the parties by allowing them to focus their efforts on important commercial and contractual terms and not on standard provisions. AIPN members still have free access to download all AIPN model contracts as well as guides, translations and training modules for contracts, if applicable. Archived contracts are also available online for free. Members also have the advantage of joining one of AIPN`s editorial boards.

Editorial boards are developing new models and constantly updating older versions. Non-members, click here to apply to join a committee. Committee members may attend meetings and comment on issues related to a particular contract during the development of the contract. The collective knowledge of the members of the Committee and the debates that take place during the committee meetings represent an important educational opportunity for you, the negotiator. Meetings are held in different locations to encourage broad participation. Conference calls and online resources are also used to collect contributions from members who cannot participate personally. Editorial boards are open to all AIPN members. Non-members may apply to join a committee.

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