Cquniversity Enterprise Agreement

„However, we will not commit to revised terms for the enterprise agreement until we have carefully analyzed the details.” Great Keppel Island Hideaway, one of the largest producers of tourism electricity in the southern Great Barrier Reef – has signed a unique partnership agreement that creates an island base for CQUniversity, one of Australia`s largest training, education and research institutions. More than 180 employees will voluntarily separate from Central Queensland University and three satellite campuses will close to reduce costs by $28 million per year. „We are working to ensure that our Sunshine Coast students – only 16% of whom are on campus – have the opportunity to learn their studies through local partners or new dedicated institutions in Brisbane.” The fact that we can continue our „green improvements” so that education, training and research in our region benefit from them makes them even more attractive to us. Everyone at GKI Hideaway is delighted that cQUniversity has the most coveted classroom in the country,” said Kelly. We are looking closely at the national negotiations between universities and the NTEU, as they allow us to recover even more costs through measures other than staff separation. The University of Sydney – which includes about 39% of the student cohort – was disappointed by the government`s changes, but hoped the university would be eligible in the future. Vice-Chancellor of Central Queensland University Professor Nick Klomp. „But it is important that the experience of our students also benefits the legendary GKI Hideaway, an important economic engine whose continued viability is essential for so many other companies and tourism service providers in the Keppel Islands and on the mainland,” said Professor Klomp. The result is a remarkably innovative bilateral relationship that benefits both organizations. But at the end of the day, it`s the island itself that will benefit the most, which means it`s a partnership of regional importance,” Maria said. Dr Caroline Perkins, Executive Director of the Regional Universities Network, which includes CQUniversity, said Australian universities, like other Australian companies, should have access to the government`s JobKeeper program. „While our activities on the Yeppoon and Biloela campuses are minimal, we have the opportunity to improve online and field training for local high school students studying vocational training.” „GKI Hideaway is committed to absolute best practices in the coexistence of our infrastructure and operations in our intact but sensitive island environment. CQUniversity`s know-how here is invaluable and gives us the confidence to invest in these critical upgrades. „I would like to pay tribute to the employees who, as part of the voluntary separation process, decided to go to university on their own terms.” As part of the cost reduction, the Sunshine Coast satellite sites and Yeppoon and Biloela will be closed before the end of the year.