India-Pakistan Bilateral Visa Agreement 2012

@Desh Premi: „@Indian: This question of what India earns. is an enlightened vision of today`s event. „Agreed!” India will have to normalize relations with all its neighbours if it is to rightly gain a prominent place in the diplomatic, political and international economic field that all Indians dream of. „Famous places in international places etc,” are temporary. Many civilizations have come and fallen into oblivion. Ours has undergone several cycles like this. Should we therefore coax others to make such ephemeral profits? „Without normalization of relations, our own economic growth will be held back (since we will constantly participate in military rearmament, counter-terrorism, etc.) ” No, that is not the case. The military installation and the fight against terrorism against Pakistan does not represent a significant burden on the Indian economy. (It won`t sit well with the Pakistani auto-bill.) „… No one at the international level would take us seriously. if we want to play an important diplomatic role in the world, or even in South Asia. India is one of the four or six great powers (according to the definition of „power”) of today`s world.

An agreement or disagreement with Pakistan has not affected this status, will not influence it and will not affect it. The world did not expect to recognize our growing stature because of or despite Pakistan`s approval or disapproval. „These benefits will not be measured in immediate terms, but a long-term one. Not only for the Dieindis, but also for all our neighbors. „As mentioned above, it does not make an iota of a difference from our circumstances. If that is the case for Pakistan, that is a question that the Pakistanis must ask themselves. Nevertheless, we should ask ourselves why we are taking this step. The answer is or should be: because it is the right thing to do to live in harmony with our atmosphere, to the extent that we are able to. Does it meet that expectation? Only time will show! Hina Rabbani Khar, Pakistan`s foreign minister, called the new visa agreement „a first step towards normalizing relations with our neighbour.” Finally, people at the top of business, from both countries, after reading the writings on the walls, agreed to relax the visa formalities . That`s how you can say,,,,,,,The sunny days are coming back! The on-arrival visa can only be used „to visit India, to meet friends or relatives” and it cannot be used for business, medical, conferences, employment, pilgrimage or any other use.

Relations between the two countries have improved in recent months and trade has increased. Visa changes should build on these by strengthening Indian-Pakistani contacts in the hope of increasing confidence. However, some previous agreements to improve relations have stumbled. India and Pakistan should improve their relations in the best interests of their nations, and a more lenient visa policy, India and Pakistan can become natural friends, as many Muslims live in India. Pakistan and India should recognize each other, India announced today that Senior Pakistanis over the age of 65 will not obtain a visa upon arrival at the Wagah crossing on January 15. Prior to the development of a new liberalized visa agreement between India and Pakistan, Interior Minister Rahman Malik called it a…