Indiana State Board Of Nursing Collaborative Agreement

Although Indiana recognizes nurse anaesthetists, they are not defined in the state administrative code as advanced practitioners. Nurse anaesthetists must also meet education and certification requirements. The State Administrative Code stipulates that they must complete the programs accredited by the Council for accreditation of the nurse`s anesthesia education programs and follow the certification by the Council on the Certification of the Nurse Anaesthetist; You may also be allowed to practice based on the registration information of the organizations that preceded these two agencies. The Indiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists, a public professional organization, provided additional information on nurse anesthetist activity in Indiana. Licensed Practical Nurse Registered Nurse Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Controlled Substance Registration (CSR) Nurse MidwifeTive Practice Agreement Cover Sheet- Updates or changes to agreements can contact by email Sample Collaborative Practice Agreement Application for Indiana Controlled Substances Registration (CSR) for Practitioners Criminal Background Check Information Renewal Documents Verification Of Out of State Licensure Form Fee Schedule coordination and advise each other on patient health care. The provisions must include the nature of cooperation and timely verification of prescribing practices. 848 IAC 5-1-1 (7) A dental hygienist may practice in any environment or facility documented in the dental hygienist`s access practice contract. I didn`t do it. Code No. 25-13-1-10 In accordance with Section 7 of the Privacy Act of 1974, You are informed: that disclosure of your Social Security number in the United States on your application is mandatory for compliance with IC 25-1-5-8 and IC 4-1-8-1, which provide that the Indiana Department of Revenue may receive Social Security numbers from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency for tax purposes. In addition, disclosure of this number is mandatory to allow the licensing committee or committee to meet the requirements of the Federal National Practitioner Data Bank and the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank 42.C.

Indiana law nursing homes have a license from RNs. They must comply with state standards to practice. However, they can only perform certain practical tasks advanced under the supervision of their RN licence. In some cases, but not in all cases, it is necessary to obtain additional registration information from the state. The applicant will add a copy of his RN licence; The licensing body may accept licenses from Indiana or other compact health care states. (A person who has applied for an Indiana RN licence but has not yet obtained a licence can apply and will find that the licence is pending.) A cooperation agreement between the doctor and the PA is required.