On What Point Are Snowball And Napoleon In Complete Agreement

2. Snowball and Napoleon also named the farm Manor House. Despite the initial difficulties associated with the use of human agricultural tools, the animals worked together to stop the harvest – and it took less than Jones and his men to do the same. Boxer stands out as a strong and tireless worker, admired by all animals. Pigs become custodians and directors of animal workers. On Sundays, the animals gather in the large barn to listen to the snowball and Napoleon discusses a number of topics on which they never seem to agree. Snowball forms a series of animal committees that all fail. However, he turns out to have been able to transmit a certain degree of literacy to animals who learn to read according to their different intelligences. For animals to understand the general precepts of animalism, Snowball reduces the Seven Commandments to a single slogan: „Four legs good, two evil legs.” Napoleon, on the other hand, concentrated his energy on the education of youth and abducted the children of Jessie and Bluebell`s children, probably for educational purposes. „Among the pigs were two young wild boars named Snowball and Napoleon, which Mr. Jones raised for sale. Napoleon was a big wild-looking Berkshire pig, the only Berkshire on the farm, not much of a lecturer, but with the reputation of getting his own way. Snowball was a liveier pig than Napoleon, faster in language and more inventive, but he was not considered the same depth of the character. If you look at this excerpt from the book, compare Orwell`s portrayaes The Snowball and Napoleon.

In 1940, he was assassinated by a Soviet agent. Most of his family members he left in the Soviet Union were arrested and killed. Squealer`s rhetoricale question, „I`m sure there`s no one among you who wants to look back on Jones?” is the first of many times Squealer will call Jones`s name to convince the animals that, despite all the discontent they feel, their current life is far preferable to the one they led under their former. Orwell`s tone in describing the animal`s reaction to Quieter („The importance of keeping pigs healthy was too obvious”) is clearly ironic and signals to the reader again that pigs are slowly turning into a new form of their former oppressors. Snowball and Napoleon argue about almost every problem. What do they agree on? While the successful harvest seems to indicate the general triumph of the rebellion, Orwell suggests in many ways that the ideals used by the rebels as your outcry are betrayed by the pigs. The fact that they don`t do physical work, but they stand behind horses and shout orders, indicates their new positions as masters – and creatures very close to the people they probably wanted to overthrow. Snowball is one of the key pigs that take the teachings of the ancient major and transform them into a way of thinking called „animalism”.