Sage Agreement

If you have any questions regarding the open access agreement or publication, please contact us in Max Planck authors can publish Open Access in more than 730 SAGE magazines (included in the SAGE Premier 2015/2016 package). The Open Access Agreement for max Planck centrally covers the open access fee for affiliated corresponding authors who publish under a Creative Commons license in selected Sage journals. In addition, MAG members have access to the „2015/2016 SAGE Premier” subscription periodical collection. If you have obtained a license for Microsoft SQL Server, this Microsoft SQL Server User Agreement applies to the use of Microsoft SQL Server. If you purchased a trial version of Microsoft SQL Server, you cannot use the trial version for more than 120 days. The new agreement with SAGE is what is known as a „Read & Publish” agreement, a transformative agreement that contains unlimited open access publishing and reading rights on SAGE`s hybrid magazines, as well as an additional 20% discount upon publication in SAGE`s fully open access magazines. The agreement was negotiated by the Swedish National Library and, in addition to Stockholm University, some forty other Swedish research institutes chose to participate in the agreement. UCL`s agreement with Brill (known as the Bridging Agreement Plus) allows all UCL corresponding authors to publish Gold Open Access research and examination articles in all Brill magazines. UCL strongly recommends that all authors use this agreement. In order for papers funded by the UK Research Councils (UKRI) and the Wellcome Trust to be published under the UCL Open Access Transformative Agreements, authors funded by the UK Research Councils or the Wellcome Trust are encouraged, where appropriate, to act as the corresponding author of a paper. The university is a member of a number of agreements that support the transition to better open access to our research in a cost-effective way – see our Subscriptions and Discounts page. At Stockholm University, the library covers APIs for publications in SAGE open access magazines.

This is not included in the national agreement and only applies to researchers at Stockholm University….